About us

Mission & vision

The Foundation for Integrated Transport was established by the late Dr Simon Norton in 2014 to promote UK-focused sustainable and transformational transport solutions.

Simon’s vision was a world where…

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Humans have a right to get around without a car

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People can travel with minimum impact on other people’s lives and the environment

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Trains and buses are integrated and safe and attractive routes are provided for walking and cycling

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Barriers to transport justice are removed, by means which include volunteering and social enterprise

Investment in infrastructure for car travel has dominated for too long, leaving public transport, walking and cycling neglected.

This has resulted in unfair levels of accessibility across society, congested cities, forced inactivity, poor health and social exclusion. FIT favours projects that improve access to sustainable transport and promote it as a basic human right.

Transport is now the biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK. While UK CO2 emissions are down 39% since 1990, transport emissions have fallen just 3.2%, making it the worst performing sector. Road transport is also a major cause of air pollution, which is responsible for 64,000 early deaths in the UK.

Electric cars offer only a partial solution, so FIT prioritises projects that bring about big cuts in car use enabled by better public transport, infrastructure for active travel and changes in behaviour.

The Foundation for Integrated Transport is one of the few grant-making trusts devoted entirely to promoting change on transport issues in the UK.


Our strategic priorities are:

  • Supporting initiatives that change public attitudes to the car
  • Transforming the quality of the bus services in the UK
  • Increasing sustainable travel to leisure destinations
  • Supporting grassroots community action for sustainable transport and not road building
  • Helping organisations active on environmental, health and social issues to adopt transport as one of their priorities
  • Availability of public transport as a human right
  • Making new and existing developments public transport friendly
  • Better inter-regional transport coaches and integrating longer distance modes of transport

Dr Simon Norton

FIT’s focus on transport as a basic human right and climate change reflects Simon’s priorities and serves as a memorial to him.

Is this your vision too?

FIT offers funding to organisations and individuals who can see a fairer and more sustainable future for the ways we travel.