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January 28, 2022

Call for proposals: traffic reduction and road-user charging

Foundation for Integrated Transport

Road safety

Transport is now the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, and there has been limited progress in cutting emissions. Policymakers are focused on moving to electric vehicles, but there is a consensus among researchers and consultants that this will not be enough to reduce transport emissions, and that it is essential to cut traffic too. This has had far less attention, but is vital – not only to tackle global heating but to cut air and noise pollution and improve our environment more generally.

In 2022, the Foundation for Integrated Transport (FIT) is allocating a significant proportion of its annual £400,000 grant funding to projects which focus on traffic reduction, with a particular emphasis on road-user charging. This will build on our 2021 grants programme which was focused on tackling car culture and car dominance.

We want to fund bold and radical campaigns that challenge the status quo and support transformative policies to cut traffic, especially road-user charging. We’ll also be interested in projects that back cutting traffic across whole areas (rural as well as urban), and radical measures that support traffic reduction, such as upgraded and cheap or free public transport, and give politicians the space they need to deliver change.

FIT is interested in campaigns that:

  • Are savvy, entertaining and innovative
  • Present change as advantageous and liberating
  • Take into account thinking and practice in other parts of the world
  • Reach out to a range of groups and ethnicities
  • Widen the policy space for progressive policymakers to implement measures that reduce traffic
  • Are bold and lead to radical change in policy, infrastructure and mindset.
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