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May 10, 2024

PechaKucha: rapid fire presentation format event

Foundation for Integrated Transport

Road safety

Foundation for Integrated Transport x PechaKucha

On Wednesday 8th May, FIT held its first special PechaKucha event! The webinar was a unique opportunity to hear from the voices of some of our remarkable grant recipients and fellows, who are leading the charge for sustainable transport. In a world where car-centric infrastructure reigns, our speakers are on a mission to amplify the importance of investing in public transport, walking, and cycling infrastructure to foster fairness and accessibility. From reshaping attitudes about car dependency to igniting community-driven action, these inspiring individuals are driving real change.

Watch the webinar here

What is PechaKucha?

In short, it really is about getting creative people together over a drink for a fun and casual gathering to share ideas, stories, thoughts, holiday snaps, anything really all in the PechaKucha 20×20 format.

Sound like a million other speaking events you have been to? Well, what makes a PechaKucha Night different is the simple quick-fire presentation style we use – each presenter gets 20 slides that are 20 seconds each; meaning it is both easy to produce for the presenter, easy to digest for the audience and most importantly it saves everyone from boredom and no one’s PechaKucha talk can drag on for too long!

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  • Alistair Kirkbride
    Visitor and leisure transport governance
  • Jeremy Leach – Action Vision Zero
    Vision Zero Two: Reducing motor vehicle dominance and traffic harm
  • Elspeth Wray – Transform Scotland
    Tackling Traffic
  • Claire Haigh
    Greener Vision
  • Jamie Hassell – PACTS
    What Kills Most on the Roads report
  • Amy Blake – Eco Attractions
    Good Travel project
  • Patrick Utz
  • Mair Bain
    Stop the A38 Expansion campaign
  • Jerome Sewell – Unique Talent
  • Chris Church – Oxfordshire Roads Action Alliance
    HIF1 work and promoting the alternatives
  • Carolyn Axtell – Possible
    Future Flight Paths
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