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Focus of work

The Save Rimrose Valley campaign is fighting Highways England’s Port of Liverpool Access Scheme. This would see the destruction of Rimrose Valley Country Park: a vital community and environmental asset in a heavily urbanised part of north Liverpool.

What began as a simple campaign to ‘stop the road’ has turned into something much bigger. Save Rimrose have learned how destructive roads and the traffic they support are to the environment, health and the planet.

In addition to calling for the road development to be scrapped, Save Rimrose is demanding:

  • Sustainable, non-road solutions to the movement of freight containers to and from the Port of Liverpool, taking HGVs off existing roads
  • Bold new transport policies focusing on cleaner, cheaper and more frequent public transport
  • Promoting walking, running and cycling as viable, safe alternatives to the car
  • All transport investment in the area to tackle the climate emergency by reducing carbon emissions
  • Health and wellbeing is paramount in all local and regional transport decisions affecting our communities


Save Rimrose’s campaign impact includes:

  • Contributing to more than three-year delay in progressing the scheme
  • Supporting thousands of people in the surrounding communities, highlighting the key issues of loss of biodiversity, air pollution and climate change
  • Securing the support of the local authority and constituency MPs
  • Supporting the local authority in its pursuit of sustainable alternatives to Highways England’s road proposal
  • Securing regular coverage in local and regional media, keeping the issue in the news and people’s minds
  • Staging “one of the largest anti-road demonstrations in recent memory”, according to Chris Todd from Transport Action Network.
  • Regularly encouraging supporters to use public transport, or to walk, run or cycle in order to reduce our reliance on cars
  • Encouraging supporters to take part in relevant consultations on these topics by our local authority and the Liverpool City Region
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