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Focus of work

An examination of whether a ticket in the style of the Klimat Cards introduced in Austria and Germany (and expected now in France too) should be introduced in Great Britain, with the aim of reducing car mileage, with travellers switching primarily to rail instead.

An obvious challenge with such a measure is that the large scale increase in public transport use that a Klimat-style card could induce is whether the rail system would have the capacity to accommodate the significant increase in travel by train.

The study therefore seeks to address two challenges:

  1. What would be the right format of a suitable UK Klimat-style card?
  2. What would the capacity consequences be for rail, and in particular, what can be done between now and 2030/35 to increase capacity on rail so that the network can comfortably absorb an increase in passenger miles and passenger numbers?


The aim is to encourage policy makers to consider adopting a radically simplified, user friendly and trusted way for people to pay for rail (public transport) travel, having addressed some of the key questions that would arise. The researchers aim for this work to influence the next UK Government and help Ministers to consider an alternative to attempts at incremental ways of simplifying a haplessly over-complicated and off-putting fares system.

Other grantees

Climate Perks

Climate Perks

Empowering people to choose flight-free holiday travel by removing barriers to clean travel, enabling frequent flyers to choose lower-impact transport without sacrificing annual leave.

Expect Cycles

Expect Cycles

Enhancing and decarbonising cultural and live music events through the use of eCargo BASSISbikes.

Transforming travel to primary school

Transforming travel to primary school

Seeking to solve the #schoolrun: enabling every pupil at every school to get to school safely, easily and sustainably, regardless of how far away they live.

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