Accelerating modal shift: Building-out a new model for policy levers that will reduce car use and increase green public transport alternatives

Expanding the successful 'modal shift model' to include a dataset on train choices.
Green Alliance

Focus of work

In March 2023, with the support of FIT and in partnership with the University of Cardiff, Green Alliance developed a new interactive ‘modal shift model’ which allows non-experts to experiment with combinations of measures to reduce car miles driven. Building on the success of the initial model’s reception, they will now expand the model’s scope working with Cardiff University to incorporate a new dataset from their partners at Trainline on rail choices. With these findings, Green Alliance will carry out sustained and targeted political advocacy on the model to ensure UK policymakers, especially at the local level, adopt more ambitious measures that reduce car use and support affordable and accessible green transport alternatives.


To meet our UK net zero targets we need to drive less, yet there remains a lack in government policies and funding for low carbon travel options. This work will:

  1. Provide local leaders with the evidence-based solutions to transport decarbonisation in their areas, particularly on how rail can deliver emissions reductions from car use
  2. Ensure a national-level understanding of how decisions about the rail network and public transport can contribute to a decarbonised transport system
  3. Equip transport campaigners to confidently point to evidence-based policy solutions that will reduce emissions from road transport and increase the uptake of public transport. 

With this research and advocacy work Green Alliance will be able to better engage policymakers to accelerate reforms on local and national transport policy that will benefit people and planet.

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