Action Vision Zero

Focus of work

Action Vision Zero aims to support groups and individuals campaigning to end death and serious injuries on the roads where they live. Vision Zero takes its cues from the Safe Systems approach that has worked well to reduce to near-zero deaths and serious injuries in the air and rail industries. Casualties should no longer be seen as an inevitable result of road travel and the longer-term target should be zero fatal and serious road casualties.

Action Vision Zero was formed in 2019 and has focused on three main work strands:

  • Reducing casualties in our conurbations, supporting local campaigners with statistics, resources and information to make the case that a better and safer environment is needed in particular for those walking and cycling.
  • Reducing casualties in the shire counties. There has been very little progress on active travel in the shire counties in the past decade with traffic domination remaining largely unchallenged. We are working with a number of progressive shire counties to address this and in particular to reduce speeds on urban and rural roads.
  • Roads policing. Working to address the cuts to roads policing over the past decade and ensure that enforcement supports road danger reduction strategies.


Their campaigning in the lead up to and around the May 2021 elections is beginning to pay dividends.

  • They have helped create strong Vision Zero coalitions around a number of the Mayoral election campaigns across England including the Liverpool City Region, West Midlands, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. We are hopeful that as well as London (which already has a Vision Zero plan) more than one of these mayoral regions will adopt a Vision Zero in the next administration.
  • AVZ’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election campaign is making a difference to the awareness of PCC candidates to the importance of roads policing. Although it appears in many police and crime plans, investment in roads policing has declined significantly since 2010. The pledges that they have received from candidates envisage a far greater focus on road policing and enforcement after these elections.

In addition to this campaigning, AVZ have provided support around the country to local groups that are seeking to address road danger and to highlight aspects of the lack of progress that has been seen in the last 10 years.

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