Ahead of the Kerb

Why do we let cars take over? Challenging car dominance in Scottish cities by rethinking parking policy and who gets to use our public space.
Transform Scotland

Focus of work

Scotland has an ambitious target to cut car use by 20% by 2030 but no clear path to getting there. In the absence of a national road user charging scheme, local authority-led changes to parking policy are one of the few options available to discourage car use in Scotland.

While there are emerging examples of progressive practice – a pavement parking ban in Edinburgh and kerbside management plan in Glasgow – there is lack of awareness and action elsewhere. Even when there is political will, burdensome regulations and local opposition get in the way.

Transform Scotland will tackle this by showing how progressive parking policies can cut traffic, tackle SUV growth, improve the urban environment and create more space for walking, cycling and public transport. They will focus on pavement parking bans, SUV restrictions, kerbside management plans and workplace parking levies.


  • Parking policy made interesting. Case studies, photos and infographics to bring to life the possibilities of a city with less car parking and more space for everything and everyone else.
  • Opinion polling to show the views of the silent majority.
  • Supportive evidence that gives councillors, politicians and local authorities the confidence to press ahead with ambitious action.
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