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Bespoke is a free, non-political volunteer group, passionate about cycling. The groups wants to make it easier and safer for everyone to get around their town, Eastbourne, by bicycle. Bespoke supports cycling for everybody who might want to use a bicycle to get to work, school, university, shops, the pub, or just out and about. The FIT small grant will help keep the group running by supporting their operational and activity costs for the next 3 years, enabling them to grow their membership and become self-sustaining. In addition to meeting their minimum operational costs (insurance, website, meeting room hire, publicity materials), the grant will support the growth of Bespoke’s regular Kidical Mass group, their cycle-path clean up crew, and activities towards making them self-sufficient in the future.


This grant is incredibly impactful for helping a longstanding volunteer safe cycling campaign group keep going, and expand their membership over the next 2 years. Key impacts:

  • Establish a regular network of volunteers to clean up cycle paths
  • Encourage new generations to get involved through their Kidical Mass movement
  • Help Bespoke successfully lobby their county council to ensure the current poor safe cycling provision stops becoming worse
  • Help them establish strong self-financing schemes to meet their minimal operational costs without grants or out-of-pocket contributions from volunteer members.
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