BME Housing Consortium

Focus of work

Using this small grant funding, BME Housing Consortium will:

  • Collect pre-loved bikes that people no longer want or need that would otherwise be thrown away in the streets (fly-tipping) or go into landfill polluting the environment
  • Repair up to 20 pre-loved bikes
  • Deliver a programme of inspiring, engaging and practical workshops where participants will learn how to repair, recycle and upcycle these pre-loved bikes and give them a second life. The workshops will have a:
    1. Learning Element – participants learning basic techniques of repairing bikes through interactive practical demonstrations; and a
    2. Making Element – participants working with these pre-loved bikes to co-design, co-create and co-produce ‘new’ bikes in their own unique styles and designs.

The group will work with 40 participants, including:

  • BME communities, girls, women, people with mental health issues, learning disabilities and neurodivergent, refugees, asylum seeker and migrant communities, LGBTQ+, independent adults, general public
  • Young people and whole family groups
  • People and organisations that can influence others e.g. support workers, support groups, community groups etc.


This project will:

  • Bring 20 pre-loved bikes back into use
  • Make them roadworthy and fit for purpose again so they can be re-used and go onto have a second, third, fourth life
  • Introduce new individuals, groups and communities to the world of bikes, especially those not currently engaged in any bike related activities, or those who have not had opportunities to learn to ride bikes, or those who simply want to learn something new
  • Produce a pool of pre-loved bikes for adults, young people and children that can be used:
    • by the participants themselves
    • to develop a ‘Bike Loan’ scheme where people can borrow and use the repaired bikes on a temporary or short-term basis e.g. for work, leisure, holidays etc and return them afterwards so that someone else can also use and benefit from the bikes
    • to set up a ‘Bike Club’ to encourage people to learn to ride safely as well as improve their general physical and mental health, fitness and wellbeing.
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