Bike Is Best

A campaign from Fusion Media, on a mission to show the British public that there is no better time to ride a bike.

Focus of work

The #BikeIsBest campaign is on a mission to show the British public that there is no better time to ride a bike. This car-free campaign aims to boldly challenge the mindset of drivers, empower and liberate communities looking for car-free alternative solutions and educate people about the societal health and environmental benefits of cycling, versus driving. Crucially, this positive and people-focused advertising campaign will also diversify the range of ethnicities, ages and genders usually represented in cycling imagery.

In England, for journeys between 1-2 miles, 60% are driven. In Manchester, there are 250 million annual car journeys under 1km. These are astonishing figures and surprising to many. They highlight the system we’ve unconsciously built where the car is used for practically every journey.


The #BikeIsBest campaign has successfully reached and resonated with the British public.

Key achievements are:

  • One million views on YouTube and 350,000 views on Facebook
  • Hundreds of thousands of drivers saw #BikeIsBest billboards displayed on busy roads in London
  • The All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking and Department for Transport reshared the campaign
  • Popular news magazine The Week featured the campaign, as well as trade press publications Endurance Biz and Bikebiz
  • Feedback from the public was very positive
  • Many people have said they want cycling to be both safer and more accessible for all communities, including those in underserved C2DE social-demographic groups
  • Social research also explored trends for new and returning cyclists, as well as public attitudes about electric bikes
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