Focus of work

The #BikeIsBest campaign is on a mission to show the British public that there is no better time to ride a bike. This car-free campaign aims to boldly challenge the mindset of drivers, empower and liberate communities looking for car-free alternative solutions and educate people about the societal health and environmental benefits of cycling, versus driving. Crucially, this positive and people-focused advertising campaign will also diversify the range of ethnicities, ages and genders usually represented in cycling imagery.

In England, for journeys between 1-2 miles, 60% are driven. In Manchester, there are 250 million annual car journeys under 1km. These are astonishing figures and surprising to many. They highlight the system we’ve unconsciously built where the car is used for practically every journey.


#BikeIsBest wants its mission to be seen by the overlooked and underserved C2DE socio-demographic groups. Sustrans research of cycling in 14 UK cities and urban areas revealed that 30%, almost 3.2M people (C2DE), would like to start cycling. Furthermore, the report confirms that 55% of residents in these cities think there are too many people driving in their area.Considering these findings, cycling can have a transformative power on social mobility.

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