Bus It: you know it makes sense

A project run in collaboration with Somerset County Council to promote bus services in and around the county.
1930s cycle tracks

Focus of work

The aim of Somerset Bus Partnership is to campaign for the protection and improvement of bus services within the local authority area of Somerset, as well as cross-border services between Somerset and its neighbouring local authority areas. As we emerge from the covid pandemic, the group aims to encourage people to return to public transport and grow patronage for the future, to promote health and sustainability. To this end, they will run a two year ‘Catch The Bus Campaign’ across Somerset, which will encourage more people to take the bus and make them aware of options to travel via bus in Somerset.

Somerset Bus Partnership has over 125 representatives across Somerset to champion bus use, and a number of bus user groups have been set up as a result of their activities. They are working with local people, particularly with town and parish councils, to establish more. A series of events will be held around Somerset in order to promote the local buses. The group will also work with train operators to encourage greater connectivity, and to publicise those that already exist.


Somerset Bus Partnership is:

  • highlighting changes to bus services, particularly improvements
  • enabling more people to use bus services
  • working with the council and bus operators to monitor changes to user numbers.
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