Campaign for Better Transport

Making the concept of distance-based road pricing publicly and politically acceptable.

Focus of work

With revenue from fuel duty expected to gradually diminish as we transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, the government is looking for ways to reform vehicle taxation. Distance-based road pricing – charging drivers on the basis of how far and where they drive – is one possible solution. A well-designed road pricing scheme can also help support the transition to cleaner vehicles and rebalance pricing signals in favour of greener forms of transport, reducing air pollution, carbon emissions and congestion in the process. Yet road pricing has been a difficult topic for politicians for some time.

This project aims to make the case for road pricing and to propose a scheme that both politicians and the public can get behind. It will gather views from different sections of the public and stakeholder groups to determine how best to communicate the benefits of such a scheme. The project will propose practical solutions that make the introduction of road pricing publicly and politically acceptable.


Implementing a national road pricing scheme successfully would be cost neutral to the Treasury and benefit drivers and non-drivers alike, helping reduce overall car traffic and creating healthier communities. Local schemes could also help change personal attitudes and travel habits resulting in healthier places to live and work.

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