Centre for London

A project to look at what can be learned from the controversy around LTNs and how to build public support for measures to reduce car dominance and promote active transport.
Centre for London

Focus of work

Centre for London develops new solutions to London’s critical challenges. They are a politically independent think tank and registered charity. Through a lively programme of research, analysis, and events, they focus on four key areas: homes and places; environment and transport; health and wellbeing; and skills and employment.


Centre for London has produced a series of influential and well-regarded projects which have moved transport policy in the city forward, including:

  • A Commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets in 2017, chaired by Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, then Chair of NHS England. The final report recommended removing the Congestion Charge exemption from private hire vehicles and introducing a polluting vehicle scrappage scheme, both of which the Mayor subsequently adopted.
  • The London Intelligence was launched in 2017 to provide up-to-date data on housing, transport, and society, and to identify emerging trends and implications for policymakers.
  • In 2018 the Chancellor announced proposals to introduce a trial register of empty shops and a brokerage scheme to connect community groups to empty shops, recommendations in Centre for London’s ‘Meanwhile, in London’ report.
  • In 2019 Centre for London set out principles for the management of public spaces, so they are accessible and welcoming to all. The Mayor of London followed their recommendation that all new public spaces should sign up to these principles encapsulated in the Public London Charter.
  • A report on transport and equity in 2019, welcomed by the GLA, TfL, the National Infrastructure Commission.
  • A report on kerbside management in 2020, which all London borough transport leads have engaged with.
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