Expect Cycles

Enhancing and decarbonising cultural and live music events through the use of eCargo BASSISbikes.

Focus of work

Lionbeat works on the everyday, practical level to create decarbonised space Black/bass culture provision through the battery-powered ‘BASSIS’ sound systems, transported on electric cargo (eCargo) bikes. At the institutional level, they conduct empirical, practice-based research on how the entertainment industry’s structure perpetuates racial inequalities through the profit extraction of Black/bass culture.


Expect Cycles will:

  • Increase the provision of decarbonised and ad-hoc cultural space through the use of eCargo bikes at grassroots, community and institutional levels.
  • Allow Lionbeat to provide more robust support to other arts and community non-profits that have requested BASSISbikes’ services.
  • Fund professional development of four Lionbeat Associates, three of whom are from minoritised backgrounds.
  • Develop alternative metrics to determine who is profiting and benefitting from Black and Bass Cultural outputs in the entertainment industry, whilst evidencing how eCargos improve empowerment and equality.
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