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Equitable access to transport for all citizens is a basic requirement for a just, inclusive society. The ability to move and travel provides access to education, employment, community and simply having fun. But not everyone has equal access to public transport or their local streets. Transport for All is a pan-impairment, disabled-led group striving to increase access to all modes of transport and streetspace across the UK. They work with their members to fight for transport access, championing disabled and older people’s rights and providing an unrivalled community of support.

Transport for All’s work focuses on the intersections between disability, infrastructure and the environment. Disabled voices are central to action on climate; they are among the most severely impacted by increased pollution levels and the disastrous effects of climate change. Yet disabled people risk being left behind in a push to reduce motor vehicle use, and left out of vital environment-related discussions.

This project will help ensure that the voices of disabled people are heard in policy debates on reducing car use, and that the diverse range of views and perspectives within the disabled community are put to decision makers.

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