Modal Shift

A project investigating the possible policy levers needed to help the UK achieve its necessary car mileage reduction targets.
Green Alliance

Focus of work

The transport sector is responsible for over thirty per cent of total emissions in the UK, with cars making up over 40 per cent alone. Previous research from Green Alliance has shown that, even with high levels of electric vehicle sales over the next decade, car kilometres need to decrease 20-27 per cent by 2030 to ensure the UK stays on track to meet its climate targets.

This project investigates the possible policy levers that will help the UK achieve this reduction in car miles driven across a range of scenarios (that explore long and short distance car journeys), through modelling conducted by academics at the University of Cardiff.


This research will inform on the most effective policies to cut car miles driven. The analysis will be used to create a report, summarising the findings and making key recommendations, which will be valuable in future advocacy work across government and the civil service to take action on emissions in the transport sector.

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