Right Prices, Fair Fares

A project aimed at building support for car traffic demand management in Scotland.
Transform Scotland

Focus of work

The aim of Transform Scotland’s project is to build support for car traffic demand management in Scotland.

Scotland has strong climate targets, a world-leading traffic reduction target (20% by 2030), and an emerging commitment to traffic demand management measures such as road pricing or parking levies. The Scottish Government is also committed to comprehensive public transport fares reform. However, in the context of the cost-of-living crisis, progress will be stymied unless, firstly, the equalities case can be made for demand management, and, secondly, revenue can be generated to finance affordable public transport fares.

To tackle this, Transform Scotland’s project will build support from equalities, poverty and public health interests towards demand management and linked fares reform, to give the Scottish Government the political space to pursue these policies.


Key achievements:

  • Built an alliance with influential Scottish organisations in the equalities, poverty and public health spaces, preparing a statement of support for fair transport (to be launched at a Transport Inequalities Summit in October 2024)
  • Contributed to the Climate Emergency Response Group report on road traffic demand management and presented findings to the Scottish Government in 2023
  • Fed into publications from equalities organisations about travel and transport in Scotland, providing recommendations and solutions
  • Advocated for traffic reduction and fare reform through social media, blog posts, reports and parliamentary briefings such as the Fair Fares Review
  • Over 50 people attended the first meeting from Transform Scotland’s Cross Party Group on Sustainable Transport, including members of the Scottish Parliament
  • The Government supported the Cross Party Group’s recommendations – including trialling flat-fare ticketing and addressing the cost of motoring relative to the cost of public transport
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