Road Collision Reporting Guidelines

A project to encourage and enable adoption of the Road Collision Reporting Guidelines.
Road Collision Reporting Guidelines

Focus of work

The project aims to encourage and enable the adoption of the Guidelines among those reporting on road collisions, namely emergency services, where much collision reporting language originates from, and media bodies. This may include, but isn’t limited to, one-to-one contact with individual forces and departments, and national bodies. The project will supply information and learning in a variety of formats, from presentations, to the production of digital documents. They will work with professional bodies, from those governing emergency services’ best practice and education, to journalism educators and media outlets, to further disseminate learning to new recruits to the industries. The project will seek to liaise with bodies on their use of language in constructive ways.


The aim of this work is to educate and inform the media and other bodies reporting on road collisions and traffic danger on use of language that will improve public discourse and understanding the sources of danger and their solutions. The guidelines’ aim is to ensure proportional, balanced reporting of road collisions and their fallout. The impact of the project’s efforts will be adoption of the guidelines by relevant bodies at a local and national level, in order to improve the way we all discuss collisions and traffic danger.

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