Sharing is Caring: the ground-breaking potential of shared transport across England and Wales

The first analysis of the realistic potential of shared transport.

Focus of work

For the first time ever, an analysis of the realistic potential of shared transport across England and Wales. Shared transport provides people with access to cars, bikes/ebikes, escooters, on demand bus and liftsharing services without the need to own the means of transport. Shared transport, public transport and active travel are all heavily inter-linked (CoMoUK’s existing evidence base going back over many years shows this clearly). CoMoUK is the national charity for the public benefits of shared transport and with this grant from the Foundation they will be able to analyse the future potential of these modes across England and Wales, including impacts such as private cars displaced, carbon emissions and costs saved.


Once CoMoUK has this unique resource they and other stakeholders will for the first time be able to articulate the potential that shared transport could deliver on across the two nations as well as defining the environment in which they think this potential can be achieved. This is important as the climate and cost of living crises deepen, requiring responses to be more holistic and energetic than ever before. This work will empower this by demonstrating this potential and how it reaches to and from public transport and active travel.

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