She's Electric

Focus of work

She’s Electric is a bold and radical campaign that aims to change women’s perspectives on what a cycle is/can be used for. It aims to show women that electric cycles can be useful vehicles for their everyday life rather than toys for sport or leisure. With this campaign Loud Mobility are tackling the ‘image’ barrier through their PR launch and simultaneously giving women the ‘opportunity’ to try an e-cycle in a safe, welcoming environment at their events. Switching local car journeys to electric cycles is possible, and best enabled by demonstrating this directly. 100% of their event participants so far have evidenced this in their feedback of increased likelihood of riding an electric cycle following the experience. Loud Mobility will harness the research and insights gathered from the campaign to challenge the status quo to ensure women’s needs are met, to address the gender gap in cycling and micromobility and accelerate the pathway to decarbonisation.


Loud Mobility’s research shows that e-cycles help women overcome many of the barriers to cycling. They are easier/more comfortable to ride. They feel safer. You don’t get hot and sweaty and it’s easier to carry children and belongings. An e-bike is more of a practical vehicle for women than a regular bike. This is backed up by wider research: E-bikes are helping women feel more confident and empowered. A 2022 survey by Sustrans found that 83% of women in the UK reported feeling more confident and empowered after riding an e-bike. Loud Mobility’s project is needed because this is not widely known and there is a huge amount of potential to help more women cycle if the benefits of electric bikes are communicated effectively and a supportive pathway is provided for women. The leaders of this project, Caz Conneller and Georgia Yexley, have a track record of A) gaining mainstream press exposure for cycling as a form of active travel and B) executing on large, national and international projects. Their combined experience and deep understanding of the industry/active travel landscape and gender issues put them in a very strong position to successfully deliver a large-scale transformational project that has not been seen or done before in the UK . The traction of She’s Electric to date has been fantastic with over 30 women coming forward to be role models, attracting support from major brands; Zedify, Brompton and AutoTrader. Loud Mobility has been invited to talk about the campaign at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Amsterdam this November, and know this exposure and interest will only build and build. The timing feels 100% right for this campaign and the project leads are confident it will be the first of its kind. Their role model approach is extremely strong to break through and resonate with women and they know from their pilot events (40+ women attended) 100% of women interviewed said the event made them more likely to ride an e-bike and 10% were ready to buy an e-bike there and then and start their e-bike journey. The project wants to expand on these numbers with a goal to reach 1 million women by the end of 2024.

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