Spoke Out

A cycling project encouraging more girls, women and non-binary people to cycle, whilst protecting our planet and encouraging cycling instead of driving.
Spoke Out

Focus of work

During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the number of women cycling. Official statistics now show that the number of cycling trips made by women rose by 50% in 2020.

Spoke Out is keen to maintain and build on this momentum. However, their research shows that girls, women and non-binary people feel that their voices and needs are overlooked when it comes to cycling in Derby, and that they do not feel safe on the roads. Spoke Out wants to change that.

To achieve this:

  • They campaign
  • They cycle
  • They collaborate.

Spoke Out does this to reach their aims:

  • To get more girls, women and non-binary people to cycle
  • To protect the planet and encourage cycling instead of driving
  • To feel confident and safe on the roads
  • To be listened to, respected and represented in the cycling sector.


Spoke Out firmly believes that through a new approach of running female-led engaging, awareness-raising campaigns and designing tailored, empowering initiatives that focus on utility cycling, they will inspire and provoke wider system change so more girls, women and non-binary people cycle in Derby, and beyond.

Anyone who lives and/or works in Derby and identifies as female, and non-binary people who feel comfortable in spaces that centre the experiences of women, will benefit from the project.

Spoke Out adopts an intersectional approach and understands the challenges of facing multiple barriers. They are therefore passionate about reaching out to and engaging with girls, women and non-binary people who are marginalised, overlooked and underrepresented in cycling, and our wider society – namely those who identify as disabled, the LGBTQIA+ community, women of colour and female asylum seekers & refugees. They also encourage male allies to be involved.

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