Stop the A38 Expansion

Raising awareness of the damage that the proposed A38 road scheme will cause to the environment and wildlife.

Focus of work

The Stop the A38 Expansion going is raising awareness of the damage that the proposed new road scheme will cause to the environment and wildlife. They want to educate the people of Derby and Derbyshire about the impending climate change catastrophe. The road works alone will create a shocking 131,000 tonnes of carbon emissions – which are not only harmful to the environment, but also to people’s health – and will destroy thousands of trees and several hectares of wildlife habitat and public open spaces.

They are raising awareness about the alternatives to road building as a way to ease congestion, such as more integrated public transport and active travel infrastructures. They are using leaflets, posters, banners and advertising as well as producing a short video for circulation on social media platforms.


More people will be aware of the proposed new road scheme and of how it will destroy local landscape and nature and further exacerbate the climate crisis. This will build further opposition to the scheme, change the minds of local councillors and MPs and encourage them to take serious action about the climate emergency.

If the group is successful in stopping the A38 road scheme going ahead because of climate change, other RIS2 road schemes around the UK may also be cancelled. They hope this will give people across the country the motivation and incentive to defend the trees and wildlife habitats where they live. This will prompt the Government to listen and put the climate crisis, not the economy, at the heart of everything it does.

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