Transform Scotland

A campaign to get meaningful commitments to the decarbonisation of transport into the manifestos of each of the main political parties for the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2021.
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Focus of work

In May 2021, Scotland will go to the polls to elect new Members of the Scottish Parliament. The content of the parties’ manifestos will form the basis of the Scottish Government programme for the next four years.

Transform Scotland aims for political parties to adopt transport policies that will have a measurable, significant impact on climate emissions, based on scientific evidence about what action we need to take now.

The objectives are:

  • To raise awareness among politicians of the widespread benefits and support in Scotland for greener, cleaner transport.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of what policies are required to meaningfully tackle climate change, improve health and reduce economic inequality.
  • To get clarity from each political party on their transport policies.
  • To raise awareness of how each of the main political parties performs on sustainable transport.


  • A roadmap towards the decarbonisation of transport and a positive future for Scotland, including recommendations for major infrastructure and investment decisions and a clear set of policy demands for cleaner, greener transport.
  • A coordinated approach to transport campaigning across Scotland. The adoption of sustainable transport messages and demands in the political campaigning work of Transform Scotland’s partners and wider network.
  • Face-to-face meetings with the main political parties. Increased understanding among politicians of how to meaningfully tackle climate change and transform Scottish transport. Increased awareness of the level of public and stakeholder support for green transport.
  • Engagement with political parties. A forum for our members, the wider transport sector and others to present their views to politicians. Analysis of how each political party is performing on transport, with a focus on climate change, equality and health.

Transform Scotland will evaluate (1) the extent to which transport demands are reflected in election manifestos and (2) the sustainability/environmental performance of transport commitments in the election manifestos.

After the elections we will follow up with the elected party and main opposition to reiterate our demands and to persuade them to include our demands in their plans for the coming parliamentary year.

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