Zero Carbon Liverpool

Focus of work

Delivering projects that reduce carbon emissions in Merseyside in line with the Paris Agreement commitments and reaching net-zero by 2040 by:

  • Coordinating with organisations and stakeholders active on climate and social justice
  • Bridging the gap between strategic plans and grassroots action
  • Capturing the co-benefits within the locality for its citizens.


Developing and running the ATSEF so that it is an effective body having a positive impact on the development and implementation of active travel schemes in Liverpool will involve the following:

  • Organising quarterly community ATSEF meetings to network, build relations, coordinate strategy and update members on meetings with the highways directorate, council and any ongoing consultations
  • Increasing attendance and participation at community ATSEF members meetings, and ATSEF meetings with the highways officers
  • Coordinating consultation feedback from the ATSEF for the 12 upcoming active travel schemes that will be consulted on. This will involve organising rides along those routes, facilitating the meetings following those rides to capture the feedback. Collating that into an agreed and coherent package to be a group response to those consultations
  • Increasing participation in consultations for active travel schemes by members
  • Creating an accessible online archive of all active travel schemes and active travel policy documents between 2015-2021
  • Creating an accessible website where all recent and current active travel scheme designs and associated documents, such as consultation reports, can be found in one place
  • Organising rides and events for councillors, highways officers and local journalists that enable them to get a better understanding of the challenges of cycling and wheeling in Liverpool
  • Identifying areas and neighbourhoods that would work as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods/Mini-Hollands. Working with LCC and partners to identify and apply for funding to develop those plans and consult with those communities.
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