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Focus of work

This project’s mission is to solve the #schoolrun. Solve the School Run thinks every pupil at every school should be able to get to school safely, easily and sustainably, regardless of how far away they live. Currently hundreds of thousands of children cycle and walk to school in a toxic landscape congested with cars, as their journeys coincide with a surge in school run traffic. Their data model shows 200,000 London primary pupils (25%) are driven to school; 40,000 are driven under a mile (5%), 160,000 are over a mile (20%). This illustrates that different distances to school require different sustainable solutions, and that an integrated approach is needed.

Solve the School Run are going to:

  • Take their data dashboard to London councillors, community groups and parents.
  • Outline the systemic issues with the school run and need for an integrated transport approach.
  • Show them their local school run profile in terms of how far primary pupils are travelling and the modelled numbers driven.
  • Identify promising solutions for their situation to help with longer school journeys, from staffed walking and cycle buses to cargo bikes and mini-buses.
  • Develop two case studies, using their data and toolkit to support two grassroots community groups.


  • An increased level of awareness among councillors, community groups and parents on the need for an integrated approach to school run travel. This includes measures to enable pupil active travel and convenient, sustainable alternatives for longer school runs that pupils cannot easily walk or cycle themselves.
  • The advancement of community campaigns for safe routes to school by providing data on the numbers of young pupils already travelling sustainably to school twice a day – an estimated 600,000 primary pupils in London.
  • The advancement of community campaigns for solutions to longer school journeys of over 1 mile (where driving rates in London are 65% for primary pupils) such as the accessibility of cargo bikes and measures which start to reduce the need for every parent to go on every school run, such as staffed walking and cycling lines and mini-bus provision from independent schools.

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