TravelWatch NorthWest

A small grant providing help with office administration running costs, supporting TravelWatch NorthWest to continue its vital work within the region.
TravelWatch NorthWest

Focus of work

This small grant will contribute towards the costs of maintaining TravelWatch NorthWest’s office environment, which is vital for their ongoing work. As well as the administration of the organisation, planning conferences, consultation responses, etc this includes the management of passenger surveys aimed at documenting the efficacy of integration provison at transport hubs in the region.


The grant will enable TravelWatch NorthWest to revisit a survey they conducted in 2016 (published January 2017) on integration between rail and bus at rail stations in the North West. They plan to go back to the 42 mainly medium sized stations surveyed then, to ascertain what changes have been made (if any, both positive and negative) to the provision of guidance for passengers when changing from train to bus at rail stations and how easy it is to do this.

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