Unlocking the Campaign for Better Transport Archive

Unlocking the unique and historic record of CBT by creating a searchable online catalogue of documentation, digitising selected items from the archive and making them available online.
National Railway Museum

Focus of work

This project will unlock and promote the unique, historic record of Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) for researchers, campaigners, academics, and National Railway Museum visitors. The National Railway Museum will create a searchable online catalogue of over 120 boxes worth of documentation, digitise selected items from the archive and make them available online, as well as preserving fragile digital and paper material. They will work with CBT to communicate the power of the archive to key stakeholders and interested communities via archive open days and a jointly hosted Science Museum Group / CBT research symposium at the end of the project.


As the oldest UK transport charity covering all modes, CBT’s archive is an untapped resource; for anyone wishing to challenge the current status quo and develop bold plans to reduce traffic, the CBT archives will offer invaluable insights. The decades-long story of transport campaigning will help in understanding what is (and isn’t) effective, and the lasting positive impact that campaigns can have. It will also contribute to the existing cannon of literature on campaigning more broadly. Potential beneficiaries include transport charities, local authorities, and national governments who will make better decisions going forward. 

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