Vision Zero Oxford

Focus of work

Cyclox’s Vision Zero Oxford ambitious campaign aims to eliminate deaths and serious injuries of people walking, wheeling and cycling in Oxford by 2030, and to dramatically reduce road deaths in Oxfordshire over this time.

Working with other local groups, they have five key interconnected aims:
1. Shifting the Vision Zero delivery date from 2050 to 2030 for Oxford and market towns;
2. Creating a 20mph city where speed limits are enforced;
3. Ensuring all high-sided vehicles in the city are fitted with the most advanced safety devices and drivers are trained to the highest levels;
4. Prioritising people who walk and people who cycle on the most hazardous roads through identifying the most dangerous crossings, junctions and carriageways, and campaigning for changes required;
5. Increasing walking, cycling and public transport in Oxford to 70% of regular trips by 2030 (up from 54%) through their support of Oxfordshire Liveable Streets in their campaign for traffic reduction.

These objectives will be underpinned by a public campaign to unite communities behind ending road deaths, propelled by a communication strategy aimed at reaching the persuadable majority of residents.


Vision Zero will benefit the tens of thousands of residents and millions of visitors to Oxford annually who choose to walk, scoot, wheel, cycle or use public transport. In particular, safer streets will benefit the more vulnerable members of society, whether the young or elderly and those who can’t afford a car. Road safety is consistently the biggest perceived barrier to more people adopting cycling as a mode of transport, so by making their streets safe, Cyclox calculates that they should see a further 10,000 residents choosing cycling for their commute. Indirectly, Cyclox hopes their inspiration will benefit many more thousands across the UK.

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